Melinda Trinder

I am nothing special in the land of food, fitness or fulfillment.  While I have an absolute passion for these topics, I have many struggles, ups and downs.

I work in the software and recruitment worlds as a Manager and life can get pretty stressful and busy sometimes.  This can interrupt even the most noble of intentions to have a committed fitness and exercise regime.  I often feel like an exercise and diet phony – always feeling in some way that I’m pretending …. or not quite hitting the mark.  However when I look back over the last 15 years, I’m proud to say its been more good than bad, and relatively active through a mixture of walking, hiking, running, boxing, yoga, horse riding and a fair bit of partying.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been friends with Naomi.  Naomi I believe is a key factor in keeping me focused on exercise and health pursuits.  She’s an inspiring girl to know, has accomplished some outstanding sporting endeavors, and is more committed when she sets her mind to something than just about anybody I know.  I mean… what girl can hold her breath for nearly five minutes, to a depth of 50 metres, enduring lung squeezes and ignore warnings (and her own fears) that she could die while doing her sport?  Naomi Hill is who – returning from Egypt in 2011 with a freediving record.

Knowing Naomi has been nothing but the most wonderful of experiences. In addition to being a committed athlete, she is wise beyond her years.  She is loyal, hilarious, intelligent, beautiful and exhibits enough goofiness to ensure that nobody could ever hate her for being so damned gifted.

Naomi has also been my motivation to get this blog up and live!  I talk a lot in life – but I rarely carry through.  There’s something about having a partner in crime that makes you complete things, makes you exercise on a rainy day, encourages you to stick to your diet, meets you at 6 am to run around the river, or suggests fun filled ways to enjoy exercise.

I urge everyone to find a like-minded person to pursue wellness goals with.  It does not have to be your wife, husband or partner …. in fact I think its really important that the person you rely on to keep you motivated health wise does not live with you at all!  Your fitness buddy can be a workmate, friend or family member who feels that going for a walk or meeting you for yoga is a damned good idea.  Receiving a simple text message “yoga?….. walk?….. run?…..” might happen to come on a day where you are severely lacking in motivation to do those things …. but always happy to see your friend.

Happy anniversary to my fitness buddy Naomi…  a decade of friendship and exercise endeavors.  I look forward to many decades to come.

Naomi Hill

So for a bit of back ground on me. I’m a 30 something professional with longstanding interest in health nutrition and fitness.This interest has motivated me to seek sporting and health specialists for their advice, some of which has been invaluable whilst some has been detrimental. While not an expert, I have always been keen to experiment in the hope to gain the best results in a time poor world.

Love of the environment is a constant theme throughout my life.  This combined with an innate desire to improve my mental and physical self, has resulted in unique and amazing experiences and the opportunities to pursue feats I never thought possible. One of these feats includes achieving two Australian free Diving records in 2011 at Dahab, Egypt (Freediving in Egypt,Sunday Times: Takes your Breath Away).  I have also completed numerous endurance activities including 24-hour adventure races, half-iron man triathlon races, the Rottnest Swim and my recent unassisted multi-day sea kayaking expedition.

By day I am an environmental scientist. A busy career and life has lead me to embrace using my lunch breaks to enjoy some fresh air and exercise with the added benefit of being able to appreciate the beauty that a city like Perth offers. This daily activity also proved to be a wonderful way to build strong friendships with like-minded colleagues. Those lunch time adventures also formed the foundation for my relationship with one of my dearest friends (and now co-blogger), Melinda. For many years, we have caught up for lunch time walks or runs through Kings Park (Western Australian’s precious jewel in the city offering bushland, parks and botanical gardens along with expansive city and river views).  We would sometimes take on the infamous Jacobs Ladder for multiple stair climbs, chatting in between while we caught our breath. Although we no longer work together, we have continued our fitness friendship by meeting regularly after work for exercise. Our discussions, debates and research on food, fitness and our many other passions has provided the basis for many of adventures and experiments recorded in this blog.

Additionally in a subject that is completely foreign to me, Melinda is a mad horse owner with a beautiful dressage horse named Charlie and her new foal. Her recent move to a horse property is evidence of her passion for all things equine.  What impresses me is her desire to mesh sustainability concepts into her property – a strange concept I am told in the dressage world.  She assures me there will be many posts in the future on organic vegetables, permaculture, freerange chickens and sustainability on small lot horse properties.

Melinda is an exceptional person who constantly strives for self-improvement and excellence by seeking new experiences and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.  She is also an extremely persuasive and compelling person. These characteristics have often exposed me to the new and unusual experiences and for that I will always love her dearly.

It is through the sharing of our knowledge of these vastly diverse interests and passions, we have able to assist, motivate and educate each other.  It is our hope that through sharing these experiences (both the good and the bad) that we can assist others in the pursuit of their passions.