JOMO in WA’s Southwest

Joy of Missing Out; (JOMO) a rebellion against saying yes to everything, and giving yourself the space to think and experience things without freaking out about what you ‘should’ be doing instead

In our busy world, JOMO is an overdue concept. Here’s the first of my JOMO posts which I hope will inspire you to take time out from the pressures of the modern world. Leave your phone at home, switch off all devices, ditch the shoes to feel the earth under your feet. Spend some dedicated time relaxing, reflecting, resting and just ‘being’ in the present moment.

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Dunsborough & Yallingup

Just 2.5 hours from Perth and with a beautiful array of wineries, art galleries, stunning beaches and artisan food, Dunsborough and Yallingup are to Western Australia what Byron Bay is to NSW.

DIY Retreat, Dunsborough

DIY Retreat, Dunsborough


Samudra is the yoga diamond of Western Australia’s southwest, with comprehensive yoga timetable a great vegetarian cafe on offer. Says David WolfeSamudra is an oasis of extraordinary food, healing, consciousness, yoga, and surfing located in one of the most beautiful, clean, peaceful Mediterranean climates left on Earth – the Southwest of Australia”.

Quirky Samudra

Quirky Samudra

Samudra is surrounded by beautiful organic vegetable gardens, with the harvest making its way into many of the vegetarian dishes.

Samudra offers a variety of yoga classes and organic food. The veggie patch is an inspiration!

Samudra offers a variety of yoga classes and organic food. The veggie patch is an inspiration!

Shaana Cafe Another cafe I stumbled across on my JOMO weekend was the ever-so-cute and quaint, Shaana Cafe.  It is in an incredible location; just a few steps from the beautiful Yallingup Beach.

Little Yallingup gem... Shaana Cafe

Little Yallingup gem… Shaana Cafe

Kombucha tea, chilled chai, red detox or orange cleanse juices, almond milk coffee and delicious breakfast options will keep the vegetarian detoxer happy.  With free range bacon and free range eggs on the menu, plus Yallingup wood fired bread, it is the perfect health food cafe that offers enough meat, dairy and egg options to keep all members of the family happy. DIY retreat dunsborough-02   DIY retreat dunsborough-01

Beach Yoga

The final exquisite ingredient in this do-it-yourself JOMO retreat was the million dollar views for some solo yoga practice.

Then some brilliant company in the form of the best downward dog yogi’s I know, Lilly & Tyson.

Lilly & Tyson know how to JOMO!

Lilly & Tyson know how to JOMO!

Get yourself some JOMO in your life since You Only Live Once!

Do you JOMO? Tell us your secret JOMO activities in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “JOMO in WA’s Southwest

  1. Love Samudra : ) But never heard of the Shaana cafe… Looks good from your pics, I will have to go there next time we head down that way; which will have to be soon! I feel like I’m missing out – but I thought the point was the opposite…? Confused!

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