Cafes with a Conscience…. Perth City Farm

Cafe’s with a Conscience are hard to find in Perth. I mean those that are either doing their bit for either the planet or their customer’s health.  So it is with pleasure I introduce you to one of my Perth favourites, City Farm Cafe.

Owned and operated by duo Aaron and Ayla, this restaurant is a go-to favourite of mine for a healthy breakfast or lunch. Some of the restaurant’s ingredients are supplied by Perth City Farm, which has a fascinating history.

This ex industrial land was purchased by MRA and then leased to Men of the Trees. This beautiful space is now rehabilitated, offering vibrant organic gardens grown on permaculture principles.

City Farm Cafe has a focus on the basics, yet they do it so well. I can always find food here that focuses on fresh, quality ingredients. For me, simple food done well is a mind boggling experience. This is one of the only cafe’s I know of that offers not only free range eggs, but free range bacon, as a matter of course.

City Farm Cafe is in East Perth and is open from 7am to 3pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 8am to midday.

Every Saturday a Farmer’s Market is held from 8am to midday, so you can do your weekly shop then have breakfast to follow.

This post is not sponsored.  All viewpoints are the Author’s own.

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