The Less is More Festival is (more or less) over…

Lindsay from Treading My Own Path with a rundown of the fabulous Less is More Festival. Keep your eyes peeled for this festival in 2015!

Treading My Own Path

I’ve been planning for it since May 2013 and it’s taken up almost every spare moment of my time since January this year, but yesterday was the day when all that planning became reality, when all the hard work paid off and people flocked to the Grove Library to take part in the Less is More Festival. And yes, they flocked!

The final programme looked like this:

timetable jpgOf course to me it all looked fantastic, but it was great to see from the masses of people attending that others thought so too.

The attendance was amazing. There was standing room only in many sessions and queues at the doors. It was great to see so many people interested in sustainability and conscious living, who wanted to learn new skills, get inspired and meet like-minded people. All the workshops were free, but if people wanted to give something back we…

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