Less is More Festival

Less is More. I love the concept of this festival. We all waste too much, consume too much, want too much. The way we define success in the western world just does not seem to make us as happy as we like to think it will. So it is with keen interest that I noticed the Less is More Festival, which offers a collection of free workshops on ways to simplify our worlds, reduce waste, contribute more to the planet and spend more time on things that matter.

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” ~ Will Rogers

Will Roger’s quote resonates with me, I’m not sure if it resonates with you. I certainly don’t want to come across preachy since my life is one of a super consumer! But this concept has me wondering … if we all make a few small adjustments to our lives, just a few small contributions to the planet, reduce our waste a little or make some of our own food, just think of the impact that could have if we do it together. Just a few small steps today, and once those steps form a habit…. maybe we can tackle a few steps more. From little things, big things can grow.

The Less is More Festival seems a great place for me to gather together some skills for this journey. Held at the Grove Library in Peppermint Grove, the Less is More Festival is “a chance to inspire, connect, share, learn and celebrate“.  It is a free family-friendly festival that brings together members of the Perth community for a day of skill-sharing workshops, presentations and discussions. I think its such a wonderful thing for these presenters to donate their time to teach us all how to make the planet a better place. They deserve a round of applause for being such giving members of the community, willing to share their skills in such a fun and informative way.

I met with Lindsay Miles, the organiser of the festival and ‘Treading My Own Path‘ blogger, who has a passion for all things sustainability. She tirelessly contributes so much of her precious time to bring together a collection of over 30 workshops.  You can see the day’s timetable here.

Workshops designed to help us eat more sustainably and ethically such as ‘thoughtful cooking’, keeping chickens, how to make your own yogurt, ricotta, home baked bread, passata or preserves.  For the green thumbs (or those that wish to be) you can grow your own nutrient dense food, as well as attend a variety of talks on community gardens, composting, growing fruit trees, producing food in small spaces (even your apartment!), making your gardens more waterwise and installing wicking beds.


Then there’s the classes designed to help us slow down in this busy world.  Decluttering your life and mind, yoga, achieving work life balance and strategies for retirement and relationships.  Perhaps its simply spending more intimate time with your baby by learning some baby massage skills.

In an effort to become more thrifty, you can learn how to sew a produce bag, save time and money in the kitchen, make your own deodorant and toothpastes, soap make from scratch and even learn how to crochet!

Such a broad range of topics is finally polished off with some informative sessions on divestment from fossil fuels, building green, community trading systems and even electric cars.

The festival is also supported by the Western Earth Carers, part of WMRC (who notably set up the Plastic Free July campaign which is now global). WMRC run community education programs about reducing waste. They have a website dedicated to their mantra of ‘full lives, empty bins‘ so take a look.

The festival is held Saturday 22 February from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.  All events are free however if you wish to donate something, bring a plate for the ‘Bring and Share Cafe’ and share in the generosity of others. Don’t be afraid if you aren’t Martha Stewart, some fresh fruit would do the job.

See the Less is More Festival website for more details and see you there!

This post is not sponsored. All views and opinions are the author’s own.

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