Free Fitness @ Kings Park and Perth Foreshore

This is the first of many Free Fitness Features (otherwise known as a FFFs here at Burn & Learn headquarters).  There’s so many reasons to get outdoors – the sunshine, the air, the space, the incredible views. There’s also another damned good reason to choose this method of exercise – its free!

Perth City has so many options and the views beat any gym I can think of.  Beautiful Mount Street near Kings Park is a great place to start. Stunning jacaranda trees and a picturesque view of the city provide an incredible backdrop which may just distract you from the burn of those hill climbs. At peak hours (before/after work and lunch hours), you will find dozens of walkers, runners, bikers and boot campers doing multiple runs of this nasty yet beautiful hill. One of my personal favourites to ensure I work a little harder than my natural inclination.

Then there’s Jacob’s Ladder, approximately 300 hundred steps and very steep, from the top of Mount Street (Cliff Street) and down to Mounts Bay Road. This is a pretty tough workout if you are going to do multiple climbs, but its a great cardio routine. Due to peak hour being inundated with fitness fanatics, be prepared to be patient and remember the road rules on the stairs. If you’re slow like me, move aside and let the crazies pass you by.

Kings Park truly is a fitness treasure trove with this final recommendation for a cardio workout… the steep but beautiful Kakoda Track. This track is my personal frontrunner of the three on offer in Kings Park as its nearly as hard as Jacobs, just not as busy. It’s also well shaded and cooler in summer. A great place to don your mountaineering gear and backpack to train for your Nepal trek.

Kakoda Track, Kings Park, Western Australia (Thanks to  afrique_unite @ Flickr for this image)

Kakoda Track, Kings Park, Western Australia (Thanks to
afrique_unite @ Flickr for this image)

If steep hill climbs are not your style, there’s always the beautiful Swan River. There are a variety of distances on offer for walkers, runners and cyclists, without ever touching foot (or rubber) on the road. The Councils have generally catered really well for fitness enthusiasts, with pump stations for flat tyres and filtered water for your water bottle refills.

If you thought it couldn’t get any better, Perth’s councils have brought the gym outdoors for you. Fitness stations can be found easily. Much of the equipment relies on your own body weight, so don’t expect to smash out heavy bench presses. You will, however, find a lovely spot to do some ab crunches if that’s what you desire. For a full list see Perth Walkabout’s post on exercising at Parks.

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