Conscious Cafe’s – Swan Valley Fresh

When you have a certain approach to your diet, it can become quite the journey to find a cafe that caters to your dietary demands. I usually find eating at home is the far safer avenue, given that you know exactly what the ingredients are and can make decisions on the foods that are right for you. Having followed a primal diet for some time now, I can find it challenging to ‘eat out’, unless I’m accepting of the fact that I’m on a cheat day and stepping away from my usual guidelines. 

So you can imagine my excitement at finding Swan Valley Cafe, an unassuming and charming little place on Great Northern Highway in the Swan Valley.  I was like a kid in a candy store (yes vegetables are that exciting!) to find that fruit and vegetables are the main event, centre stage, the superstars of the dining experience (at least in this small part of the world). Serving breakfast and lunch, the passion for all things vegan and vegetarian shines through in a similar fashion to Manna Wholefoods in Fremantle.

Blueberries & Yogurt - Breakfast at Swan Valley Cafe

Blueberries & Yogurt – Breakfast at Swan Valley Cafe

For the vegetarians, you are in your mecca here, with vegetarian and vegan dishes lovingly crafted and superbly presented, with diet sensitivities also catered for in the form of gluten free, dairy free and raw food options.

The humble descriptions the cafe uses to describe the menu items really undersell the food you are about to experience… ‘salad platter’, ‘vegetable patty’ and ‘veggie burger’ does nothing to justify the lovingly crafted menu which is as visually exciting as it is full of taste.

Naomi Hill of, ecstatic with the vegetarian options for lunch

Naomi Hill of, ecstatic with the vegetarian options for lunch

Having also dined at Swan Valley Cafe with the company of certified cavemen, I can attest to the approachable menu which seems to get through the ‘healthy dining experience’ with a minimum of fuss and grumblings. The best one can hope for in these situations!

Due to my very inconvenient lactose intolerance (something I will never be truly at peace with) I am always very excited to find a cafe that can make almond milk coffee without the milk curdling and separating. This seems to be a near impossible challenge for many cafes – so kudos to Swan Valley Cafe for making my creamy almond milk flat white, that just about passes for the real thing.

Big Vegetarian Breakfast at Swan Valley Cafe

Big Vegetarian Breakfast at Swan Valley Cafe

The store is also stocked with a supply of gluten free breads, veggie patties, soups, dahls, curries and the like for you to take home and put in the freezer, which is an excellent way of keeping the freezer stocked with interesting options (so that being ‘too tired to cook’ does not lead to midweek dietary compromises).

Sitting outside in the café’s beautiful gardens on a weekend is an extra special treat – often with live music.

Swan Valley Cafe's food is lovingly prepared and visually exciting

Swan Valley Cafe’s food is lovingly prepared and visually exciting

I highly recommend a visit sometime, and I look forward to trying out their high tea in the near future, which has a huge array of organic teas on offer, along with gluten free treats and raw food cakes.

You can find Swan Valley Cafe, open 7 days a week, at 990 Great Northern Highway, Millendon, Western Australia.