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I fell in love with Rottnest Island as a child… all the children holidaying would instantly form BMX bandit style gangs and roam freely exploring the unique island with its cute rat like quokkas. For me, a visit to Rottnest Island encompassed the essence of summer and freedom and still does to this day. So when I heard about the yoga and fitness day being conducted by athletic clothing brand lululemon on Rotto, the inaugural Rott Up Dog, I didn’t hesitate to register.

Fulfilled fitness at Rott Up Dog, 2013

Fulfilled fitness at Rott Up Dog, 2013

Our day started at gentlemen’s hour with a 45 minute ferry trip. Once on the island we took advantage of the subsidised bicycle rental on offer (Rotto is a car free zone) and enjoyed a leisurely beachside lunch at Hotel Rottnest. Suitably energised, we then joined the masses of people cycling between events and activities. Some of the events of interest included multiple styles and variations of yoga, acrobalance (reminiscent Cirque du Soleil) and beach fit.

A highlight for me was definitely the chance to experience stand-up paddle boarding for the first time. I was expecting a core workout but the aspect that surprised and thrilled me most was the view. Not only did it strengthen my core – the elevated view was like staring straight into a tropical aquarium.

My blogging buddy Melinda, with the lululemon guests trying some Stand-Up Paddle Boarding at Parker Point, Rottnest

My blogging buddy Melinda, with the lululemon guests trying some Stand-Up Paddle Boarding at Parker Point, Rottnest

The crew at lululemon managed to capture the local’s love of the surf, sun, socialising and fitness by creating Rott Up Dog. The diversity of classes and inspirational instructors provided a great introduction to these activities and a really fun day. For those of you that would have liked to have participated but couldn’t make it, here is list of the instructors that kindly hosted the classes.

Rott Up Dog Instructors


Ash Lau and Trevor Aung Than

Acro Balance

Phoebe Jones

Vinyasa Yoga

Jo Harvey

Bikram-Style Yoga

Sandy Duxbury

Beach Fit

Laura Carroll

Rolling Yoga

Amanda Noga

Balancing & Binding Vinyasa Yoga

Carolina Obara

Core Yoga

Ceinwen Roberts

Beach Fit

I spoke to Dusty Allen, Community Connector for lululemon, who kindly provided some feedback on the event.

How did the Rott Up Dog concept originate? What were your goals of the day?

The intention for the lululemon athletica event ‘Rott Up Dog’ was to provide an escape from the everyday and an opportunity to bring together the entire community in celebration of yoga, sun, surf, music and being active – all things that we love about Perth.

Community Spirit at Rott Up Dog

Community Spirit at Rott Up Dog

The name is very quirky. How the name was created?

We wanted to give our event a name that would stand out, whilst encompassing everything the event was about – bringing yoga to the community in the form of a one-day yoga getaway on Rottnest Island.

We combined the location name, Rottnest Island, with the yoga pose ‘Upward Facing Dog’ and the popular term ‘What Up Dog’ to create a cheeky play on words which captured the fun nature of the event.

Practicing Cirque du Soleil moves during the Acrobalance (

Practicing Cirque du Soleil moves during the Acrobalance (

Can you explain how you selected the events and instructors? I also noticed that some of the instructors were also lululemon Ambassadors.

We chose to offer a variety of activities that encapsulated our event goal of creating a one-day yoga festival celebrating yoga, sun, surf, music and being.

We wanted to highlight the inspiring ambassadors and instructors from each of our four store communities of Applecross, Cottesloe, Perth City and Karrinyup.

Our ambassadors are leaders in the community that attract, inspire and guide our communities on their path to yoga and fitness. Rott Up Dog provided the perfect opportunity for us to share our ambassadors with the entire Perth community by having them lead the day’s yoga and fitness classes.

Amanda Noga leading "Balancing & Binding Vinyasa"

Amanda Noga leading “Balancing & Binding Vinyasa”

Will lululemon support this event in future?  If so, when should we expect the next event to be held and will there be any new activities to try?

We are passionate about opening doors to yoga through our community events and in-store yoga classes, and being a hub for yoga and health in our communities. While I don’t know if we will be hosting Rott Up Dog again next year, I can confidently say that we will definitely continue hosting community events in our stores and communities.

Perfect way to end the day, live music at Rott Up Dog

Perfect way to end the day, live music at Rott Up Dog

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All photos courtesy of lululemon.