welcome to burn & learn


Welcome to Burn & Learn!  Based in Perth, Western Australia, we are all about exploring and blogging on three key concepts:  food, fitness and fulfillment.  It is something we have been doing for nearly a decade, where catching up for fitness meant more than just burning calories. It was an opportunity to discuss our weekends, our plans for the future and our passions.

Some of our passions were discussed more regularly than others.  Fitness and nutrition were regularly talked about – and we would proclaim after a robust discussion “we are not just burning here…. we are learning!“.  The  more educated we became, the more we realised how little we knew. What works for some people does not always work for others – hence the huge array of information (and misinformation) out there that causes many people to struggle to realise their weight and fitness goals.

We don’t have the answers…. we wish we did.  We have been through many ups and downs ourselves and struggled with food demons, silly diets, and lack of ability to stick to our exercise regimes.  This is despite loving the benefits of a consistent approach and staying somewhat committed for the last decade.  But life’s demands, high stress careers, demanding personal hobbies and interests, and general state of mind can make it hard to remain as consistent as we would like to be!

One thing we claim to be consistent in – our passion and enthusiasm for food, fitness and fulfillment.

This blog is not about professing to know the answers.  It is about bringing the dialogue we enjoy so much online, and exploring what might be building blocks to a happy life. Please join us on this journey.

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